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Lana Love Project was born from the desire to continue the love that flowed endlessly from Lana Brown. When Lana passed away, her family decided to step in and fill the shoes she left behind. We hope to comfort, encourage, and inspire anyone who is facing a large life issue, has been or is being victimized, or who has been or is overwhelmed with unkindness.

We are inspired to defeat unhappiness with happiness using our handmade gifts. Through us Lana's Love lives on.


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About Lana Brown

Lana tirelessly worked to help others. After she obtained her Physical Therapy degree, she was able to elevate her care for others while offering a smile and kind word. She was pivotal in the health care of her Uncle Charles; she happily and selflessly gave her time and energy to help him just as she had done for others needing care and love.

Lana passed away after a courageous battle with several health issues on July 11, 2013. Her absence on earth has left a huge hole in our hearts.

She enjoyed listening to music, laughing, being with family, having fun with friends, helping others, and loving her children. She made everyone feel as if they were the most important person in the world.

We not only miss her, we also miss her positive impact on the world. It is our hope to continue her laughter, love, and joy through Lana Love Project.


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